We have single component, water based polyurethane coating which is consists of specially developed polymers and properly selected components. It is not an usual polyurethane coating; specially formulated which cures by natural air, sunlight and gives tough heavy duty waterproof membrane with extreme resistance for water and UV rays hence this can be applied on any open surface like terrace / roof and wall.

It has excellent resistance to corrosion with high bonding strength hence this can be coated on metal sheets for protection as well as heat reflective coating.

It is thermal insulating and heat reflective coating with low-density air-filled microvoids with high SRI value for use in concrete and metal structures.It increases comfort zone and energy saving.


  • Residential Houses
  • Appartments
  • Factories
  • Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Railway Coaches
  • Bus Roof
  • Water tanks
  • Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Pipe Lines

Features & benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion to metal, asbestos and concrete surfaces.
  • Excellent thermal insulation at low thickness.
  • Water based and environment friendly.
  • Water-borne low VOC coating.
  • Reduce electricity cost.
  • Reduce surface temperature by 12 - 14 deg.

Application Guideline:

  • Wash the surface to be coated with high pressure jet wash or Brush away the loose contamination.
  • Allow normal dry period for 1 Hour.
  • Apply thin primer coat to allow the surface ready for Thermo Insulation Coat.
  • Two Coats of heat reflective coat is recommended to achieve desired thickness.
  • First Coat should be allowed to air dry for 2-3 hours prior to apply subsequent coat.
  • It must be applied with surface temperature above 10 deg.C and below 50 deg. C
  • The roof must be inspected for any cracks and surface damage. The cracks are repaired using crack-seal or any crack repair cement.
  • Dilute with water for easy spray using air-less spray or roller bush application.