Washroom odour is one of the top issues that are encountered by house keeping services in public restrooms. Most odour control products available are strong air-fresheners that only temporarily mask the odour and give rise to a mixture of strong obnoxious odours.

Scientists suggest the chemicals used in cleaning products are a primary source of indoor and outdoor pollutions.

Our OB Care range of organic, natural enzyme based cleaner solutions for commercial spaces are made of corn, vegetable oil and plant based ingredients. With a pH factor between 6-7, they are 100% safe for cleaning crews, staff, and the environment.

This toilet odour eliminator and cleaner is a special enzyme-based organic formulation that zaps all unpleasant washrooms smells by eliminating them at the source. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used to clean wash walls, floors, wash basins, faucets, toilet bowls and urinals and it can even be sprayed inaccessible corners.

This toilet odour eliminator has an immediate deodorizing effect and a long lasting action.


  1. Non-corrosive and hence safe for property and fixtures.
  2. pH neutral and 100% safe of the user.
  3. Zero toxic chemicals and protect against indoor pollution.
  4. Made of natural plant-based ingredients.
  5. Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Dilution Ratio:

  1. For odour elimination – Ready to use.
  2. For cleaning of washroom floors, toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins, faucets etc. : 20 – 50 ml / ltr. Of water.


Rapid urbanization, higher population densities, and industrialization have severely burdened sewage treatment plants in the country. One of the major causes of concern in STPs is that indigenous microbial populations are not efficient enough to handle high organic loads, which is typical in urban sewage waters.

Benefits of our Sewage Treatment Solution

Cleanmaxx® STP is a consortium of highly adaptable, tenacious microbes in sewage water treatment that have the ability to degrade high organic loads. This results in maximum BOD removal and minimum sludge production.

Odor issues, often attributed to hydrogen sulphide production & ammonia in sewage treatment units, are prevented by Cleanmaxx STP by complete and rapid degradation of organics which prevents putrefaction

Sewage water often contains pathogenic loads that are a major health risk if left untreated. The microbes in the sewage treatment product – Cleanmaxx STP naturally compete with pathogens in sewage water and prevent their growth. Cleanmaxx STP can be used in any sewage water treatment/pumping station setup, with no hardware modification required.